About Us

Collegiate Soccer Academy was founded in 2009 by Scott Black (men's soccer coach at Boston University).  After years of college coaching experience, Scott realized many high school players and parents were overwhelmed by the recruiting process and struggled with deciding on which tournaments and camps to attend for recruiting exposure.  Camps typically offered exposure to one or a few coaches or the coaching was done by non-college coaches.  Scott designed CSA as a recruiting camp with unparalleled exposure to college coaches on staff who work directly with players during training sessions and daily 7v7 and 11v11 games and provide honest evaluations on player ability.  He incorporated off the field educational elements into the camp schedule to help players understand and navigate the recruiting process.  

CSA is designed to provide one stop shopping for many players interested in schools in the Northeast.  Sessions have sold out each of the last seven years.  CSA attracts participants from all over - participants have represented 47 states and 46 countries making it one of the most diverse summer soccer camps in the country. 

The academy is designed to help participants navigate the recruiting process and address common questions such as:

“Do I have the ability to play in college and at what level?”
“How can I attract the attention of college coaches?”
“How should I contact them?”
“What college soccer program is right for me?”

What separates CSA from the vast majority of summer camps?

  1. Recruiting Exposure.  Our coaching staff is comprised exclusively of experienced, active college coaches who serve as head coach, associate head coach or assistant coach at their college/university.  Our staff is carefully selected so that every level and type of player has the ability to be identified.  The 2017 staff represents over 40 colleges/universities including both private and state institutions. Each player wears a unique jersey number for the duration of camp so that both staff and visiting coaches (all sessions are open to the public) can identify players using our player profile booklet, which is compiled using registration information. 

  2. Off the Field Guidance.  To enhance the overall camp experience, CSA offers optional courses for when players are not participating in training sessions or games.  These courses are designed to help student-athletes improve their athletic skills, navigate the recruiting process and understand and prepare for collegiate athletics.  Courses include:  Sports Yoga, SAT prep, NCAA compliance, Q&A with College Coaches, Q&A with College Student-athletes, Speed & Agility, and Strength Training

  3. 1-on-1 Interactions with College Coaches.  Each player is directly coached by at least three college coaches.  The academy is designed to make players comfortable interacting with coaches and provide opportunities for direct contact with all staff.  Campers receive recruiting exposure to 100% coaches in attendance at each session.  Coach requests may be made during registration.  Camper to staff ratio 7:1 and camper to college coach ratio 9:1.

  4. Honest Evaluations.  Many players want to know if they are good enough to play collegiate soccer and at what level.  Each player will receive two separate evaluations from their college coaches that note their strengths, areas of improvement and suggest an appropriate collegiate Division level.

  5. Facilities.  All camp activities are on campus.  Our lodging facilities are recently renovated or constructed dormitories so campers enjoy the collegiate experience firsthand.  All dorms are air-conditioned.  Athletic facilities, dining halls, and dormitories are all within close walking distance.
  6. Dedicated and Experienced Staff.  Our coaching staff is comprised exclusively of experienced active college coaches who serve as head coach, associate head coach or assistant coach at their college/university.  Our coaches return year after year (see our Past Staff page) and we actively work to expand our staff each year.  The coaches enjoy the organization of the camp, the quality of the participants, and the ease of which they can identify and contact players using our unique jersey number system and player profile booklet.  Additionally, we have two, on-site certified Athletic Trainer available to provide pre- and post-training treatments including taping and icing.  

Hear what college coaches have to say about Collegiate Soccer Academy (CSA).