CSA Philosophy

The Collegiate Soccer Academy serves to not only improve the technical skills of high school student-athletes, but also to educate them on the application process and provide an intimate recruiting environment. In order to select a college or university that meets both one’s athletic and academic goals, a student-athlete must understand and be actively involved in the recruiting process, be educated on the demands and components of collegiate level training, and understand the application process. Well informed and recruited student-athletes will have improved chances of meeting their academic and athletic goals at the collegiate level.

The Collegiate Soccer Academy is designed with four main goals:

  1. Offer collegiate-based training sessions and superior coaching to improve the performance of high school student-athletes
  2. Provide a unique recruiting environment
  3. Educate student-athletes on the demands of collegiate level soccer
  4. Provide information to student-athletes to improve their chances of acceptance to collegiate soccer programs.

This academy is appropriate for high school student-athletes that are interested in playing soccer at the collegiate level. This academy will offer high school student-athletes an intimate recruiting opportunity with many top rated college coaches. Student-athletes will experience actual collegiate-level field training sessions, strength training, and speed and agility workouts. Classroom sessions will include SAT Prep, NCAA compliance information, and Question and Answer sessions with both collegiate athletes and coaches. The high-school student-athletes will learn about recruiting patterns, training programs, and NCAA regulations. This program will provide information to assist student-athletes in making educated decisions when it comes to selecting the right school in regards to soccer and academics. Student-athletes will leave with a speed, agility, and strength program to improve their overall long-term soccer performance.